The private Slack group for Canadian small business owners.

A place for Canadian small business owners to come together to support each other and have discussions around the current state of small businesses in Canada.

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Why Join?

This Group Exists For 3 Reasons

To share stories, advice, and help each other grow our businesses during the current climate.


To share feedback and brainstorm about how you can make your business bullet-proof.


To rally together and have 1 loud voice to hold our government accountable on matters pertaining to small business policy.


This isn't a place to sell products or services - just a place for support, camaraderie and rallying together.

Curated Channels Based On Your Specific Business Needs

Discuss the current crisis, government support programs and be a voice in the solution.



Discuss how small businesses are marketing and advertising to their customers in the current climate.



Discuss seasonal hiring, HR processes and general company culture topics.



Discuss  topics around payroll management and small business accounting practices in Canada.



By Canadian Business Owners, for Canadian Business Owners

The leading private slack group for Canadian Business Owners and the Business Community at large to gather. This is a group to share your story, get your questions answered, and take your business to the next level while contributing to the community at large.

"Hey this is a great idea!" - Nick Chiapetta, Cabneato

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